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About us Beecoi

Invest today in innovative products based on bee enzyme.

The program "Beecoi - investment in health" - is a project of the company Fitzviliams Advisors LP Scotland. The objective of the project is to attract investments in the production of a number of unique biological products, the development of which was carried out with the direct financing and participation of Fitzwilliams. Fitzwilliams Advisors LP is one of the leading companies in Scotland, specializing in investment and management of high-tech commercial projects. The leading position of the company was brought by the strategy of investments in the development and production of raw materials for enterprises producing bioactive additives and cosmetics.

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Become a project agent and a partner of FITZWILLIAM ADVISORS LP.

Our specialists have developed a unique program with the ability to earn up to 92% of the investments attracted by investors.

You invited an investor for your unique link. Invited investor invested in the "VIP" plan.

1 level. The project will pay you a one-time fee of 50% of the invested amount by the investor.

2-7 level. The project will pay you a one-time fee of 7% of the invested amount by the investor, and so on up to line 7 inclusive!

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Latest News

Attention! Competition!

May 29, 2017 08:07

In honor of the second anniversary of the presence on the market of biologics, the company "Fitzwilliams Advisors" announces a competition for investors of the Beecoi project:

1. The best video about the Beecoi project.

2. The best textual comment about the Beecoi project.


-100 $ best YouTube video

-50 $ best textual comment.

Dates: 29/05 / 2017-29 / 06/2017

Conditions of the competition:

1) You are the investor of the project

2) The link to the YouTube video is accepted with the Beecoi investor nickname at:

3) Textual comment - in the comments under the news about the contest on the page:

4) To the first five participants registered after the start of the competition, the company gives $ 10 to the deposit, regardless of the place occupied in the competition. About crediting funds to the deposit, the participant must report on the page

The results of the competition will be announced 1/07/2017 with the introduction on the Deposits to the winners prize money.

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— Beecoi Administration

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